Festivals have always been around, but the past few years they underwent a real explosion. Every weekend you see numerous festivals everywhere. But it isn't always easy to maintain a professional handling. Artists require more and more attention and the complete handling around artists has become a profession on it's own.


That's where sKrew steps in. sKrew is specialized in artist handling and stage management and helps organizations out when things become too big to handle. If you are in search of professional stage managers, runners and drivers at your festival just to be sure the artist gets the attention and treatment he of she deserves, we are there to keep your name high. From the point the artist arrives (in the country) right until the moment he left the festival, we will are there to give support.


sKrew can count on lots of references in the scene big and small and is never too shy to help any organization out. All tariffs are custom made to make sure you get the right kind of attention. Need more information? Hit the contact button!